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Data breach announcements in the Healthcare Industry are commonplace. Is your organization prepared?

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In this webinar partners, ASG Software Solutions and Solix Technologies, will walk you through the perils of unsecured data in non-production environments and the ways to overcome them. Ian and Erik will provide their valuable insights on the following questions:

  • HIPAA and HITECH require appropriate safeguards to protect personal information, what are you doing about it?
  • What should you do to avoid a data breach in nonproduction environments?
  • Why is encryption not enough to secure nonproduction environments?
  • How Solix can support you reaching your HIPAA and HITECH compliance goals
  • High-level roll-out plan for Enterprise Data Protection of nonproduction environments
Dinu Joshi,
VP Global Delivery, Solix Technologies
Ian Rowlands,
Senior Director, Product Management and Strategy, ASG Software Solutions
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