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Solix EDMS Data Validation Standard Edition

Data is the lifeblood of any organization. Constant copying of data from one location to another makes it vulnerable to loss, inaccuracy, technical and human errors. Data validation is the automated process of comparing a data set with the original to determine the accuracy between source and target.

Solix EDMS Data Validation SE is a simple solution that helps you check the integrity and accuracy of your data. The tool can validate various types of data—including characters, numbers, dates etc.—and can be used to effectively validate and reconcile the data copy with the source. What’s more, it’s available as a FREE Download!

Through the free download, unlimited amounts of data can be validated. The software can be downloaded and installed in minutes. And the validation process can be completed in five easy steps.

Key Features

  • Provides the flexibility to use the tool according to your needs
  • Helps validate the data at a table level or based on query
  • Comes with built-in status monitoring console, time-based scheduling and email notifications
  • Supports user management


  • Ensures the accuracy of the data
  • Reduces manual effort substantially in validating data thereby minimizing the time taken to create multiple copies
  • Can be customized for specific customer needs
  • Enables users to get started with single-click install