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Solix EDMS ILM Partitioning

Improve the manageability, compliance and availability of application data
Database partitioning improves application performance and reduces storage costs. By partitioning within an ILM framework, application performance improvements and storage cost savings may be realized within compliance and data management policy frameworks.

Data growth has a big impact on application performance, and application owners may elect to reduce data volumes to achieve dramatic application performance improvement. By partitioning database tables based on heat maps, datasets are reduced allowing applications to run faster. Solix ILM Partitioning is policy based improving the manageability, compliance and availability of application data.

Solix EDMS ILM Partitioning features include:

  • Tiering
  • Merged partitions
  • ILM policy engine
  • Software-only solution
  • Referential integrity
  • Subsetting
  • Data compression
  • Heat map

By using Solix EDMS ILM Partitioning, enterprises can:

  • Access only a fraction of the data instead of the entire data
  • Backup or recover a partition rather than the entire table, thereby significantly reducing the time required for maintenance activities
  • Reduce the recovery time of key transaction tables
  • Reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) by allowing the less frequently access data on a slower and less expensive server
  • Improve the system performance, manageability, and availability