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Most businesses today are well aware of the need to have a comprehensive data security strategy to protect themselves, their employees and their customers from various security threats.
[ January 2015 ]
Hadoop has come a long way from its humble orgins as Yahoo’s answer to its search engine woes, evolving into a data management platform that’s used by one in four enterprises. This infographic from Solix Technologies Inc. provides a few insights on Hadoop’s history and direction.
[ October 2014 ]
Since 2005, Hadoop has been the foundation for hundreds of big data companies, due to its open-sourced nature. Over 170 well-known companies have contributed to its development since launch, and the project is currently valued at over $2 billion.
[ October 2014 ]
Jeff Spar, chief information technology officer for New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art is leading efforts to move a majority of the museum’s customer and administrative data into a single place, a data lake, to increase IT staff productivity and help the art institution learn more about its visitors.
[ October 2014 ]
The integration with HDP enables Solix to accelerate enterprise data management modernization with a unified platform for Enterprise Archiving, Solix Data Lake and analytics.
[ October 2014 ]
Solix’s integrated platform for database archiving and application retirement supports Cloudera as a repository for both unstructured and structured data, which enables applications to scale enterprise-wide and meet the challenges of exploding data growth.
[ October 2014 ]
The new Solix Big Data Suite provides an Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) framework to govern enterprise data and analytics applications and Apache Hadoop as a nearline repository to store less frequently accessed data.
[ August 2014 ]
The solution provides an Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) framework to govern enterprise data and analytics applications and Hadoop as a near-line repository to store less frequently accessed data. The suite also offers bulk data storage for enterprise analytics applications and archives enterprise applications on a petabyte scale.
[ August 2014 ]
Solix Data Lake and Solix Enterprise Archiving Applications Improve Enterprise Analytics, Data Governance and Reduce Costs; Highly Scalable Enterprise Storage Platform for Both Structured and Unstructured Data Is Based on Apache Hadoop
[ July 2014 ]
Consequently, Gartner has released a Magic Quadrant for Structured Data Archiving and Application Retirement1 and positioned Solix Technologies, Inc. in the leader’s quadrant based on “completeness of vision” and “ability to execute”.

[ July 2014 ]
To achieve Oracle Validated Integration, Oracle partners are required to meet a stringent set of requirements that are based on the needs and priorities of the customers. Solix EDMS integrates with Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2 to relocate less frequently used historical data to an active archive which is fully accessible to end users.
[ June 2014 ]
With Solix, Kronos Workforce Central administrators will be able to archive workforce data based on their legal hold, compliance, and data retention policies. Solix database archiving enhances system performance and availability by archiving un-needed historical data from the production database to near-line storage for ongoing compliance purposes while simultaneously providing easy access to that archived data.
[ June 2014 ]
The Consortium will share best practices, provide technical advice and promote a unique archiving approach that leverages the EMC InfoArchive platform supporting both structured and unstructured content to be consolidated into a single repository.
[ May 2014 ]
ILM solutions are traditionally deployed at the application level to improve performance, reduce storage costs and increase availability. With Apache Hadoop deployed as an enterprise archive across many applications, performance and infrastructure optimization gains are delivered enterprise wide.
[ April 2014 ]
The banking, financial services and insurance industries have become one of SAP’s most lucrative sectors, and earlier this year, this sector became the leading revenue and growth market for SAP, with a 250% year-on-year growth in terms of just licence fees.
[ November 2012 ]
The EDMS platform supports the entire information lifecycle for Exadata including data migration, data tiering, database archiving, database masking and test data management. By tiering data through an ILM framework, organizations are able to classify, protect, migrate, archive and retire enterprise data. ILM helps organizations meet compliance objectives, improve application performance, and reduce overall costs associated with data growth.
[ October 2012 ]
Solix Enterprise Data Management Suite (EDMS) for Oracle Exadata supports entire information lifecycle for Oracle Exadata, including data validation, discovery, migration, and tiering; database archiving and masking; and test data management.
[ October 2012 ]
Solix Technologies, Sybase, an SAP Company, and HCL Technology have formed a partnership to help enterprises deal with management of large volumes of data, and legacy applications.
[ Jan 2012 ]
Applications come to their end of life and have to be retired along with their data; there’s no point in backing up data from dead apps. Solix is a euthanasia expert for moribund applications.
[ June 2011 ]
With the noise of cloud computing rising by the day, there are basic operational issues one should not forget – cloud or no cloud. One such issue is the discipline of ILM (Information Life-cycle Management). How do you manage data over its lifetime of many years and decades?
[ June 2011 ]
Essentially, Solix’s solutions look at what data your company is and isn’t using. Redundant data is compressed, potentially by 90 per cent, and then placed in a lower level storage tier. It’s only kept alive for the sake of compliance.
[ June 2011 ]
Legacy applications have surfaced as the true challenge in moving to private cloud.
[ Feb 2011 ]
Solix Technologies is geared to extend its market share in Indian enterprise market. A provider of EDM (enterprise data management) and ILM solutions, Solix is confident of its new technology roadmap. “The huge data growth will help build more enterprise customers in a strategic country like India.
[ July 2010 ]
US-based Solix Technologies is eyeing deals with various government departments in India for data management. The company, which is headquartered in California, is in talks with Indian authorities and hopes to finalise a few deals in the next three months.
[ June 2010 ]
The underlying databases are copied (full mirrors), on average, eight times for test and development / quality assurance purposes. Second, 42% of organizations surveyed by ESG said that major application and database upgrades are their most important 2010 IT initiatives.
[ May 2010 ]
Solix EDMS integration with Siebel CRM relative to the historical trading business object migration from the production database to a valid archive database.
[ May 2010 ]
Solix ExAPPs Application Retirement equipment in advance all the necessary software and hardware components of the installation, configuration and testing, which provides a simple solution to complex problems.
[ March 2010 ]
The ISV has gained some 100 customers for its enterprise data management software. It claims to have created an industry first with the release of ExAPPS, an appliance dedicated to application retirement.
[ February 2010 ]
The Solix ExAPPs Application Retirement appliance is pre-built, pre-configured, and pre-tested with all necessary software and hardware components. Customers with a finite number of specific packaged and custom applications on distributed systems can use the appliance to automate repeatable process for multiple applications.
[ February 2010 ]
Solix Technologies has announced the launch of Solix ExAPPS, an appliance to simplify and reduce the cost of retiring legacy applications in the enterprise without sacrificing data preservation, according to the statement. A single Solix ExAPPS appliance can replace multiple physical servers, applications and storage in data centers or enterprises’ IT departments.
[ February 2010 ]
Solix Technologies Inc. has released a prepackaged data retirement appliance aimed at simplifying the process of migrating and storing information from legacy applications.
[ February 2010 ]
Cloud computing also provides a strategy for rationalizing the enterprise application portfolio. Obsolescent applications are often retained long after they have been replaced by much newer, more flexible systems to maintain access to inactive but still business-critical data needed, for instance, to support compliance requirements.
[ October 2009 ]
Emerging data archiving products focus on software-only delivery and grid architecture, latch onto cloud integration and look for alternatives to SQL databases for indexing.
[ June 2009 ]
If you look at the amount of content within banking systems you will no doubt find data runs into the terabytes supporting both day to day transactions as well as reporting against years of historical financial information. Keeping this data available into perpetuity, especially when stored on primary storage, has created huge infrastructure, backup, and reporting costs.
[ March 2009 ]
Solix Technologies announced that TIBCO has successfully implemented Solix Enterprise Data Management Suite (Solix EDMS) for Oracle database archiving to reduce the overall size of their production database, increase application performance and lower total cost of data ownership.
[ April 2008 ]
Current energy consumption is not sustainable for data intensive businesses unchecked in the future. Power scarcity will be part of the IT landscape and data is still growing at an alarming rate. Energy caps, regulation, costs and the need-to-be-green are putting pressure on the information technology industry to come up with creative solutions.
[ March 2008 ]
By understanding data and determining when it can be moved to lower-cost data storage options IT managers will begin to understand the overall the impact on corporate costs.
[ February 2008 ]
Information lifecycle management helps companies handle the data deluge by providing a framework for classifying stored information, finding the right storage technology, creating retention guidelines and managing costs.
[ February 2008 ]
With Solix Secure Test and Development solution, organisations can create ‘subsets’ of their production environment, copying only the data they need, while masking it before releasing for development, testing, QA etc.
[ August 2007 ]
Those trying to implement solutions to improve the value and utilisation of the data received, as they work towards a goal of full information lifecycle management (ILM), will know that regulatory compliance is a pain, yet unavoidable.
[ May 2007 ]
Database archiving is critical to the long-term management of an enterprise resource planning (ERP) application. Archiving can shorten backup windows, speed recoveries and improve the database’s overall performance.
[ April 2007 ]
The new solution helps companies more efficiently classify, manage and secure enterprise data for information governance and application data consolidations.
[ March 2007 ]
Since it is not physically possible to search information from across sources given the short time window, the market for data centric management through electronic services is increasing. As a company that specialises in offering services for Sarbanes-Oxley and other compliance mandates, this new area is a logical extension.
[ February 2007 ]