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Solix Technologies Announces the Solix Data Privacy Pack for Oracle E-Business Suite

Solix Data Privacy Pack for Oracle E-Business Suite delivers a packaged privacy solution for Oracle E-Business Suite

Sunnyvale, CA Aug 7, 2008 – Solix Technologies, a leading global provider of database archiving, data privacy and enterprise data management solutions that helps companies meet compliance requirements and achieve Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) goals today announced the Solix Data Privacy Pack for Oracle E-Business Suite. The Solix Data Privacy Pack for Oracle E-Business Suite can be deployed on non-production databases to ensure customer and employee privacy by obscuring sensitive data such as names, addresses, social security numbers and other sensitive data prior to the data being released to the test and development environment.

Regulators in the US and European Union are increasing focusing their attention on ensuring that data privacy is maintained for both customers and employees. Enterprise applications such as Oracle E-Business Suite are natural repositories of sensitive personal information. Unlike email or document repositories where access is secured by user level security, application test data management processes require clones of production data be made to perform mission critical application development, testing, and training operations. The non-production clones routinely made by IT departments often do not contain the same level of data security rigor as production systems, potentially exposing customer and employee data to malicious use.

“Scrambled data should be used to avoid risk of compromising personal data, both from a legal and good business practice perspective. Correctly scrambled data is not personal data because it cannot identify a living person”, said Thomas Otter, Gartner Research Director, “but scrambled data should follow the correct formatting rules, such that postal codes, bank account details, social security numbers, and dates are valid to test interfaces or transfers. This requires application level scrambling competence and tools.”

The Solix Data Privacy Pack for Oracle E-Business suite pre-defines data masking routines for a limited set of sensitive data fields such as name, address, Social Security Numbers, or credit card numbers in select Oracle E-Business Suite modules. Solix Data Privacy Pack for Oracle E-Business Suite masks the specific fields that could be used by identity thieves yet relational and data formatting is maintained so test and development procedures can proceed uninterrupted. The Solix Data Privacy Pack for Oracle E-Business Suite gives IT organizations the ability to de-personalize sensitive data before releasing to test and development personnel, reducing risk of data loss in non-production environments, ensuring privacy laws and regulations are met and separating database administration from security. Pricing for the Solix Data Privacy Pack for Oracle E-Business Suite starts at $25K plus support and services.

“After conducting a thorough survey, we realized many organizations are leaning towards build rather than buy solutions and ending up doing nothing. We decided to build this market with a price point where cost of building and maintaining is higher than buying. The Solix Data Privacy Pack provides organizations with an easy entry point to ensure customer and employee privacy without disrupting the test and development process,” said Sai Gundavelli, CEO of Solix Technologies, “that separates the audit and risk management functions from the test data management function.”

Solix Data Privacy Pack for Oracle E-Business Suite is part of the Solix Enterprise Data Management Suite (Solix EDMS) that enables centralized management of data classification and security policies. At the core of the Solix EDMS is the Solix Enterprise Metadata Manager, which manages multiple applications metadata for all data types independent of the hardware platforms through a unified policy manager

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Solix Technologies, Inc., a leader in enterprise data management for database archiving, privacy and test data management solutions, helps businesses improve application performance, reduce storage costs and meet compliance requirements. Solix is considered a pioneer in providing a complete infrastructure platform to manage data across all segments (Application, Email and Documents) in an enterprise. As an ORACLE Certified Partner, Solix has a worldwide client base that includes many Fortune500 companies.