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Enterprise Applications and Databases are designed and architected to efficiently record and store the transactional history of the organization. Once the data is processed, after a point in time, the transactions are no longer active tending to weigh down the application. In any given database as much as 80% of information in a production database may be inactive causing performance degradation and increased IT management cost.

To proactively manage the performance and storage, organizations need to:

  • Actively manage transactional data stores to optimize application performance
  • Understand the impact of growing application databases to productivity and resource costs
  • Develop classification strategies for primary and secondary data for implementing an enterprise database management strategy

Application Archiving

With Solix Enterprise Database Archiving, organizations can create and deploy consistent policies for managing, securing and storing data from a single console. The result is improved application performance and availability through smaller production database sizes, shorter backup and recovery times, reduced labor costs to maintain the production system and lower storage costs. Solix delivers Application Archiving for:

Database Archiving

Database archiving allows organization to create policy based archiving schemes to manage their databases. By implementing database archiving, organizations can save storage, improve database and reporting performance and lesson the burden on IT resources for data back-up, disaster recovery and cloning. Additionally, under-utilized data can be moved to lower cost Tier-2 storage while seamless data access is maintained. Solix delivers database archiving for:


Database Archiving allows companies to securely manage their archiving processes. There is no need for multiple installations of database tools or application metadata for each server environment. Solix helps organizations:

  • Increase productivity among application and database users.
  • Reduce IT maintenance associated with large data sets.
  • Reduce high cost storage options in production servers.
  • Implement a comprehensive data management strategy.


Solix Enterprise Database Archiving is part of the Solix Enterprise Data Management Suite (Solix EDMS) that enables centralized management of data classification and security policies. At the core of the Solix EDMS is the Solix Enterprise Metadata Manager, which manages multiple applications and data types across all hardware platforms through a unified policy manager

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