Green IT

In the US, Data Centers release 44 million metric tons of CO2 into the air annually, consuming 61 billion kwH and costing $4.5 billion. Going Green in the data center is about reducing power, reducing CO2 and driving energy cost out of the IT infrastructure. A smart data management policy is critical to reducing the cost in power and cooling while fulfilling the needs of data retention.

The greening of the data center requires

  • Tiering of data for optimal storage--access vs power consumed
  • Understanding the total data lifecycle cost
  • Reducing storage from production to Test and Development


The Solix Enterprise Database Archiving solution allows organizations to create and deploy consistent policies for managing, securing and storing data that are consistent with energy saving goals. The result is improved data management, lower storage cost and reduced power consumption costs. Archive and purge helps organization reduce their data footprint by:

  • Classifying data based on its business value and regulatory impact for tiered storage
  • Offloading historical or inactive data while lowering cost of data storage
  • Increasing productivity of application users through performance gains

Reduce storage footprint of Test and Development

On average IT manages 6 mission critical applications each with multiple test and development environments that are using power intensive storage to house the multiple clones needed. Solix EDMS Test Data Management clones only the data being tested while preserving relational integrity. Solix Test and Development move organizations along the path to green by:

  • Reducing server & storage requirements
  • Reducing data center cooling requirements
  • Improving dba productivity


Solix Enterprise Data Management Suite's modular and centralized architecture allows companies to securely manage their archiving and test and development processes. By managing data through its entire lifecycle, organization can optimize performance and manage their environmental impact by

  • Reduce power and cooling costs in the data center
  • Reduce high cost storage options in production servers
  • Implement a comprehensive data management strategy

Solix EDMS

Solix Enterprise Database Archiving solution is part of the Solix Enterprise Data Management Suite (Solix EDMS) that enables centralized management of data classification and security policies. At the core of the Solix EDMS is the Solix Enterprise Metadata Manager, which manages multiple applications metadata for all data types independent of the hardware platforms through a unified policy manager.

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