Manufacturing Data Management Solution

Toyota and General Motors do not compete with their car models. They compete against each others' Supply Chains. This is true today for every segment of the manufacturing industry â€" Discrete or Process, CPG or Made-to-Order, Continuous or Batch.

The core of Supply Chain is "Optimization". How does a company maximize profits or minimize costs given certain conditions of competition for both final goods and backward availability of scarce factors of production (like skilled labor), conflicting demands on other inputs (like machine time), demand for multiple brands at multiple locations, etc?

What it implies is massive computations of huge amounts of data, and with each passing day, this data only continues to grow. With current regulatory requirements this data now needs to be secure and retained. So the challenge for a manufacturing industry â€" ironically - becomes optimization of its supply chain software. In other words, how does one optimize the productivity of the IT infrastructure?

Enterprise Data Management is one answer. Starting with compliance issues for securing sensitive data like formulae in a pharmaceutical unit, and making sure that there is no unauthorized access to customer information, data can be tiered for long term retention needs for operational reasons and compliance as well for improving application performance and improving productivity of the IT infrastructure.

Solix solutions provide manufacturing companies with the tools to:

  • Meet Demand: When an order ships, the transaction is closed. Keeping that data in production only slows system performance impacting your ability to effectively manage your supply chain and delivery requirements. By classifying data based on its business value and leveraging Solix Enterprise Database Archiving to relocate historical and closed transactions to a lower cost storage tier or archive database, you can significantly reduce the amount of data in your application database, improving system performance and ensuring you can manage your business at the speed in which you need to stay competitive.
  • Control Costs: Storage budgets are increasing despite declining storage costs and IT continues to struggle with managing multiple applications and technologies in today's heterogeneous environment. Solix Technologies unique metadata based approach, allows organizations to install a single solution that leverages application metadata to determine how to enterprise data is archived, secured, subsetted, audited and migrated. With our solutions, enterprises can deploy tiered storage with Solix Enterprise Database Archiving, and ultimately reduce the size of their non-production environment with the Solix EDMS Test Data Management solution while ensuring sensitive data remains secure.
  • Improve Productivity: Many organizations equate archiving with data loss, however Solix Enterprise Database Archiving Solutions utilize active archiving technology which provides users with simultaneous access to archived data from the native application. IT can reduce the burden on production databases, improving performance, query and response times, and supply chain reporting without sacrificing access to critical business data.
  • Ensure Regulatory Compliance: Ensure sensitive data remains protected against the largest security threat: internal resources. Solix Enterprise Data Management solutions allows manufacturing companies to identify data that meets specific data security and retention requirements and automate how the data is protected and managed throughout its entire lifecycle.