Solix listed as a Leader in Gartner MQ

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I am proud to announce that Solix Technologies is a leader in Gartner’s latest ‘Magic Quadrant for Structured Data Archiving and Application Retirement’. This is particularly significant because Solix is the only specialized vendor among the leaders. The other three – IBM, Informatica and Hewlett-Packard – are huge, diversified companies with much greater resources, while almost all the other vendors are shown as niche players.

So why Solix is in this coveted league, here are the top ten reasons as I see it -

  1. Team - Our biggest asset is our team. Many team members have been with Solix since the founding of the company. This team can walk on water, can run 100k race and can also move mountains. They are incredible and that is our key strength. When prospects ask why they should choose Solix, we always talk about our team.
  2. Technology - We have a strong technology architecture based on a single code base developed in-house. Solix did not build its technology through acquisition and assembly of unrelated pieces of code. As a result our code is clean and scalable, and our engineers understand it intimately since they wrote every line.
  3. Pricing - We offer multiple and very flexible pricing models including on-demand, subscription, perpetual and managed services. Customers can choose the plan that best matches their needs.
  4. Product Direction - We have a strong product direction going forward. What we have accomplished so far is only a foundation for what we intend to do in the future. As our customers move into the era of Big Data, we intend to help them manage that data and, more importantly, extract value from it with sophisticated analysis and visualization tools.
  5. Size Matters - We are small, nimble, and customer-driven. We are very responsive to the needs of every customer, and those needs define our development path going forward.
  6. Happy Customers - This is the reason, why we have been able to maintain our independence while our competitors have sold themselves to major vendors. We never forget that, and we always strive to keep our customers happy.
  7. Partner Friendly - We have worldwide presence today through our partner ecosystem, so no matter where you are you can get local support from a Solix partner.
  8. Credibility - We have the credentials and certifications to demonstrate our expertise. We have been selected for an OEM relationship by ASG, Kronos and Oracle Corp, which shows the confidence these market leaders have on our technology.
  9. Customer Advisory Board - We have a strong customer advisory board covering multiple vertical industries. The board provides a formal channel for customers to determine the direction of product development and the company.
  10. Happy People - We are a happy people, excited about the journey and the potential impact we can make to Enterprises in the coming decade.

A company like Solix cannot bluff its way into the Gartner Leaders Quadrant, particularly given that our competition includes IBM and HP – Fortune 15 companies. Being rated in that league is an achievement for our entire team that we intend to build on. So stay tuned, because things are going to get exciting.

The Internet of Things

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Date: December 18, 2025

My alarm woke me up half hour early. Overnight the predicted snow storm worsened and the clock knew I would face delays and need the extra time. I showered and found my coffee hot and waiting. It had been alerted by the clock that I would be awake earlier than usual. Ready for the day, I stepped out my door and found my car idling and heated, it too aware of the dropping temperatures and my need to leave early.

The car began driving itself to my office as I prepared for my day. A short time into the drive, the car was alerted of an accident along our route and found an alternative, stopping at a gas station on the way to ensure it had enough fuel for our longer journey. Sensing the detour and storm would mean my late arrival, the car sent a message to the office notifying my first appointment of the delay and adjusting all the subsequent meetings accordingly. Dropping me off at my office, the car drove away to park itself. I approached my office door and it opened for me after scanning my face to ensure my identity. As I entered, the office was heated perfectly, also having been alerted to the storm outside.

Later that afternoon, I get out for a break; my phone immediately connects me with my Doctor. My glasses, which monitor my health, knew that my cholesterol shot up and I need medical attention. I’m advised to avoid shrimp, which my glasses alerted based on my last night dinner. I then receive a call from my Municipality. They call to inform me, a tree at my home should be cut. A sensor on the tree has alerted them that the heavy snow and winds may knock the tree down, causing it to fall on my home. I give permission for the work and quickly grab my tablet to turn off my utilities, reducing the potential hazards to the workers.

Around evening, receive a Skype call from my family. My kids are vacationing on Mars planet and heard about the poor weather back home. As we talk, a jolt makes me jump from my chair, and I realize I’m not in my office of the future, but having a dream, my children laughing and shouting for me to wake up.

It might have been a dream for the moment, but the reality, this is the kind of world we might be moving towards. Companies like Cisco and Google are talking about the “Internet of Things.” Cisco’s John Chambers predicts the Internet of Things — a term for connected sensors, devices and objects — will become a $19 trillion market over the next several years. We will see a connected world that can dramatically improve our productivity and even increase our lifespan to few hundred years. Enterprise will be also be even more automated and connected, from the structure of the building, to the offices, work stations, data centers, health care of the employees and much more. And, all of this means more data.

Data will drive the Internet of Things. It will be the backbone of our future. For us, this is a good thing. Data management will need to be robust for enterprises to perform at its best, and tools like Solix EDMS will be indispensable.

Our Mission Statement

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Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) on a Zero-Based Budget

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Recently we encountered an interesting problem with one of our webinars. This is an event sponsored by us in collaboration with Forrester. Our speakers—distinguished Forrester Analyst Noel Yuhanna and Solix Executive Chairman John Ottman—rehearsed and were ready to go. The event started and a decent number of attendees logged in. And then we discovered that for some reason our guest speaker, Mr. Yuhanna could not be heard. Everyone else had good connections, and Mr. Yuhanna was able to log in and hear us, but no one could hear him. For a few minutes we panicked. We had never experienced a problem like this before, must have been some technical glitch with Cisco Webex. Then my staff quickly set up a three-way conference call and patched him through his mobile phone. As a result, we found a way to get around the problem and had a successful event.

The lesson here is that creative thinking can find ways around problems, and the webinar, `Enterprise Data Management on a Zero-Based Budget,’ was actually about just that. Sensitive data is under increasing risk in database copies used for test and development, training and other non-production activities. According to Forrester, yet only 25% of enterprises have adopted data masking. I talk to many CIOs who understand the ROI of ILM, yet overall the market penetration remains small. I believe this is mostly a budget and/or a priority issue. Many Enterprises are struggling to keep the lights on with slashed budgets and staff cuts, and they just do not have the resources to implement ILM, regardless of the benefit.

For that reason, we have developed the Solix EDMS Standard Edition (SE), a FREE Download that allows users to begin deployment with zero out-of-pocket expense. I hope that those of you reading this who have not yet implemented ILM in your shops will take this opportunity to download and try out Solix EDMS (SE) and experience what it can mean to your organization. This can be the first step in deploying ILM at your organization, and launch your enterprise data management projects immediately and free of cost.

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