Test Data Management

The Challenges
Test Data Management is a strategy for organizations to manage their test and development processes to meet application development and testing requirements, streamline cloning processes and secure data so organizations are equipped to deliver the clones needed to meet upgrade and patch cycles and maintain data security.

Robust Test Data Management processes are critical to maintaining applications and databases, but creating the necessary clones is a labor intensive activity for any IT department. Multiple clones must be configured and managed across applications, databases, servers, and storage devices, all the while exposing sensitive customer data to potential leaks. With identity theft a growing concern among consumers, regulators and law makers, a strategic approach to test data management is needed.

Test data Management can be optimized by:

  • Automating the cloning process
  • Ensuring sensitive data is not exposed during test and development
  • Actively monitoring the database cloning process to ensure only valid clones are being created
  • Deploying data masking while maintaining referential integrity needed for testing
  • Data Subseting where appropriate

Test Data Management from Solix

The Solix solution for test data management allows companies to securely manage test data and development processes with a single tool. There is no need for multiple installations of database tools for each server environment. Solix for test data management helps organizations to:

  • Achieve faster cloning times through rapid application and database cloning processes.
  • Reduce storage requirements with Solix Instance Subsetting solutions.
  • Increase productivity in the data center by automating processes and eliminating errors introduced manually.
  • Secure the test and development environment from internal and external theft by protecting sensitive data from unauthorized access.
  • Create clones and database subsets that secure the data before it is released to DBAs and Developers.


Solix Enterprise Data Management Suite's modular and centralized architecture allows companies to securely manage their archiving processes. There is no need for multiple installations of database tools or application metadata for each server environment. Solix helps organizations:

  • Increase productivity among application users
  • Reduce IT maintenance associated with large data sets
  • Reduce high cost storage options in production servers
  • Implement a comprehensive data management strategy

Solix EDMS

Solix Secure Test and Development solution is part of the Solix Enterprise Data Management Suite (Solix EDMS) that enables centralized management of data classification and security policies. At the core of the Solix EDMS is the Solix Metadata Manager, which manages multiple applications and data types across at hardware platforms through a unified policy manager.

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