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Solix ExAPPS - Industry's First Application Retirement Appliance

Enterprises rationalizing their assets in a data center often find several applications that they need to retire as they are no longer providing any business value but the data contained in them are important to retain for records management, litigation support and compliance.

Solix ExAPPS is industry's first fully integrated, hardware and software solution for archiving data from legacy applications. Such legacy applications which are candidates for retirement may include:

  • Obsolete applications which have been replaced by modern alternatives providing functionalities meeting today's needs;
  • Applications on mainframes and proprietary systems that have been replaced by less expensive alternatives;
  • Applications that have become redundant with similar or better functionality through other applications now part of the portfolio due to mergers and acquisitions.

Solix ExAPPS is designed to solve the most complex issues associated with application retirement − the archiving, preservation, and access to data that still needs to be maintained for compliance, decision support, and other non-production business uses. This includes:

  • Automated deduping and up to 90% compression to minimize expenses of long-term storage.
  • Preservation of all metadata and associated data in complex data sets.
  • Guaranteed immutability of data to satisfy regulatory requirements.
  • Access for search and analysis for legal and business needs including decision support using the integrated Solix Application Portfolio Manager.

To provide these benefits in an easy-to-install, easy-to-use, cost-effective package, Solix ExAPPS combines processing, secure long-term storage, and of course Solix EDMS Application Retirement, pre-configured to work with a list of popular business applications and databases.

It also can be customized to work with homegrown legacy applications and non-relational databases.

Solix ExAPPS comes as a free-standing, plug-and-play appliance. Installation is a simple process of connecting it to power and the data network. Starting the data archiving process is a simple matter of using a browser to point Solix ExAPPS at the first candidate application and leaving it to work.

While Solix ExAPPS is based on Solix EDMS, it is designed as a single-use appliance that archives legacy application databases to its internal secure storage − Solix Secure Archive. While Solix ExAPPS is dedicated exclusively for Application Retirement, it offers four important advantages:

  1. Simplicity of installation and operation,
  2. Fast ROI realization through replacement of multiple physical servers and storage systems,
  3. Rapid implementation,
  4. The lowest TCO.


  • Solix ExAPPS is the industry's first and only pre-configured, pre-tested, and pre-built application retirement appliance with the right set of hardware and software components to jump start enterprises on application retirement projects.
  • Solix ExAPPS is integrated, tuned, and optimized for reliability and performance and built as a single-purpose appliance, hardened for security.
  • Solix ExAPPS easy-to-use, simple deployment and management provides lower total cost of ownership.
  • Solix ExAPPS provides an immediate ROI through elimination of obsolescent software and its associated hardware, storage, maintenance, and licensing costs, power, and most of all staff time.
  • Solix ExAPPS automates the most complex tasks in legacy application modernization including tools to manage legacy data.
  • Solix ExAPPS provides fast query and reporting capabilities on massive amounts of compressed data without the need for decompression.
  • Solix ExAPPS manages the archived data using information lifecycle management (ILM) best practices for the lifetime of the data.
  • Solix ExAPPS provides a complete solution stack supported by a single vendor.
  • Solix ExAPPS supports heterogeneous IT infrastructures including multiple databases, pre-packaged applications, custom and legacy applications, and industry-standard reporting tools.
  • Solix ExAPPS manages legacy data securely using Solix Secure Archive, which ensures that the data remains immutable to meet compliance requirements.