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Database Archiving Solutions by Solix

ERP, SCM, PLM are just a few of the enterprise application systems that you have installed over the past several years to enhance customer relationships, streamline operations and meet compliance requirements. As new modules come online, upgrade cycles occur and data is collected from multiple modules simultaneously, the size of the database grows larger and more cumbersome. Most estimates peg data growth as doubling every other year with 80% of the data in the enterprise application being inactive or of little value to the organization. This volume of inactive data contributes greatly to poor application and reporting performance, resulting in high storage costs and unacceptable burden on applications and reporting functions.

Too much data can slow application and reporting performance and tax IT resources. Utilizing data management tools to actively manage the growth of application data is key to managing data for its value to the organization.

Solix delivers enterprise data management and archiving solutions for:

Solix Enterprise Data Archiving solution is part of the Solix Enterprise Data Management Suite (Solix EDMS) that enables centralized management of data classification and security policies. At the core of Solix EDMS is the Solix Enterprise Metadata Manager, which manages multiple applications metadata for all data types independent of the hardware platforms through a unified policy manager. Contact to learn more about how database management can help you manage your data