Solix Technologies Solutions for Telecom

The Telecom Industry in the last fifteen years has gone through a major metamorphosis due to wireless technology, the Internet, the convergence of data, voice and media and industry consolidations driven by mergers and acquisitions. As a result, the telecommunication industry has had to face a number of challenges including declining revenue, customer churn and growth in regulatory requirements.

Competing for Customer Loyalty

To combat these challenges telecommunications companies need to address cost management, improve business intelligence to understand their customer's needs and behaviors and ultimately improve customer relationships in order to compete in a deregulated environment. As a result many have invested heavily in ERP and customer care and billing systems. With millions of subscribers and massive operations, data volumes are in multi-terabytes, and growing exponentially every year.

Compliance and Regulatory Considerations

Compliance is a big issue for telecommunications with telecom regulators in every country requiring companies to meet their stringent guidelines that necessitate data retention. The Call Data Records (CDRs) also need to be maintained for police and other investigating agencies to detect any evidence of criminal activities.

Solix Technologies provides solutions to help telecom companies maintain their competitive edge in the wake of growing data volumes and regulatory concerns.

The Solix Enterprise Data Management Suite enables:

  • Improved Cost Management: Our Enterprise Database Archiving solution helps our telecom customers to retain their historical data from ERP, CRM, email systems and CDRs to lower tiered storage to improve application performance and reduce costs.
  • Better Business Intelligence: With the ability to integrate with Google Enterprise Search or any other search appliance, telecom companies can quickly and easily retrieve vital information for improved business intelligence from their production or archived instances from any source â€" ERP, email or documents. Whether it is specific product information - such as a newly introduced 3G service, data that provides the impact of pricing on ARPU, channel performance or a specific service request, valuable data â€" even when archived - remains available for key business insight and analysis.
  • Easier Infrastructure Consolidations for Mergers & Acquisitions: The Solix Application Retirement solution can be configured to allow data consolidation from two different systems employed by the merging companies. Leveraging our unique Solix Enterprise Metadata Manager, IT can capture the metadata from different systems, map the data from a retired application and migrate it to the single global system for the merged organization. In the case of corporate divestitures or de-mergers, Solix can leverage our subsetting and data migration technology to separate corporate data quickly, efficiently and without risk of data loss.
  • Improved Regulatory Compliance: Telecom companies have a legal obligation to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of all customer data. To ensure sensitive data remains protected against the largest source of vulnerability, the internal threat, Solix Enterprise Data Management Suite allows telecom operators to identify data that meets specific security and retention requirements and automate how the data is protected and managed throughout its entire lifecycle. Sensitive data can also be protected with ongoing auditing and event notification to ensure if and when a breach occurs you are immediately notified of the source and nature of the breach.