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ConAgra Foods Effectively Minimizes the Chance of Data Breach within Its Fast Growing Database

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Founded in 1919, ConAgra Foods INC. based in Omaha, Nebraska, has grown to become one of the worlds largest food processing firms with revenues exceeding $12 Billion dollars. Operating in two major sectors, Consumer Foods and Commercial Foods. ConAgra holds the rights to a myriad of popular food products spanning from the Banquet series, to Chef Boyardee. With an exponentially growing data base, a myriad of data security challenges were bound to arise.

One of the primary challenges was the increasing risk of insider data breach, as non-production instances often lack reasonable security mechanisms.

By successfully utilizing Solix's EDMS solution for data masking, ConAgra Foods was able to dramatically reduce the risk of a security breach.

Tim Patterson, DBA Manager
Jenny Powers, Sr DBA, Applications
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