Research Reports

Solix Technologies consults with leading industry analysts and experts on our product strategy, technological innovations and ILM vision. Here are just a few examples. Read on to know what analysts are saying about Solix.

Sheila Childs, Gartner’s Research

“Application Retirement is emerging as a structured approach in application portfolio management. The costs associated with managing legacy applications can be significant organizations must maintain expensive application operating environments simply because they need to retain application data. Extracting data from legacy applications in a simple and straightforward way while ensuring access to this data over time allows organizations to reduce costs and ensure compliance”

Sheila Childs
Gartner’s Research Director of Storage
Technologies and Strategies.
Hype Cycle for Storage Technologies, 2010 (refer page 18 of 56)

“The return on the investment for implementing a structured data archiving solution is exceptionally high, especially for application retirement or when deployed for a packaged application for which vendor-supplied templates are available to ease implementation and maintenance.”

Sheila Childs
Gartner’s Research Director of Storage
Technologies and Strategies.
Use Database Archiving to Preserve Data When Retiring Applications, (refer page 6 of 8)

“Since most organizations find that they have many applications to retire once they get started, and the ROI is fairly good when using database-archiving tools, the objective should be to turn the activity into a somewhat repeatable process. Look for tools that support this.”

Sheila Childs
Gartner’s Research Director of Storage
Technologies and Strategies.
James Koopman, DCIG Analyst

“Solix ExAPPS compresses legacy data by up to 90% and a single Solix ExAPPS Appliance can replace multiple physical servers, applications and storage in the data center thereby significantly reducing operating budgets and increasing operational efficiencies.”

James Koopman
DCIG Analyst.
Greg Shulz, StorageIO Group

“The newly announced Solix Enterprise Data Management Suite fulfills the market’s need to offer solutions beyond active archiving. It is a natural successor to their earlier Solix ARCHIVEjinni solution – a single platform managing all data types. The core of this unified platform – the Solix Enterprise Metadata Manager – enables Solix to deliver additional solutions for database auditing, secure test & development for enterprise application databases besides active archiving for databases, emails and unstructured data. Solix offers an ultra scalable enterprise solution that provides a one stop approach for storage performance enhancement and tiered storage initiatives while providing the foundation for eDiscovery to enable compliance coverage.”

Greg Shulz
Founder, StorageIO Group.
Nik Rouda, Enterprise Strategy Group

“There are vendors managing traditional data, and there are vendors managing big data, but Solix is unique in their holistic approach to managing ALL data. Businesses looking to make the leap to big data should explore how a comprehensive data lifecycle platform will help them.”

Nik Rouda
Senior Analyst, ESG.
David Hill, Mesabi Group

“Enterprises need to manage their production data as well as use it. And that is what the Solix Enterprise Data Management Suite is all about – helping enterprises manage their critical data. Data management is seemingly about not-as-easy-as-they-look tasks, such as the processes for protecting, moving, and copying the data, but it’s really about what the business can achieve by doing data management well. Among other benefits, the Solix Enterprise Data Management Suite enables enterprises to meet their compliance objectives, build an effective ILM archiving strategy, and facilitate essential test and development processes while preserving the confidentiality of production data. And those are benefits that require enterprises to turn their thoughts to data management solutions, such as the one Solix offers.”

David Hill
Mesabi Group.
Arun Taneja, Taneja Group

“Solix’s ability to deal with all data types is music to my ears. Taking care of all forms of data gives Solix a competitive edge over storage companies trying to get into this space.”

Arun Taneja
Founder, Taneja Group.
Laura DuBios, IDC

“The benefit of a unified approach helps firms to mitigate legal, compliance, and corporate policy violation risks. Both large established companies.and small, emerging vendors such as Solix are focused in this direction.”

Laura DuBios
IDC, Excerpt from “Worldwide Archive and Hierarchical Storage Management Software 2006-2010 Forecast,” Jul 2006.
Simon Robinson, The 451 Group

“Solix has come to market with a strong message – unified archiving makes a lot of sense considering that all data needs to be archived at some point.”

Simon Robinson
Analyst, The 451 Group.
Carolyn Di Cenzo, Gartner

“Whether required as a part of corporate business record repository for legal and business management use or to improve operational efficiencies, enterprises definitely need to look into an email archiving solution with search capabilities.”

Carolyn Di Cenzo
Research Vice President at Gartner.