Simplify eDiscovery, compliance, and email storage management

As the number one business communication and collaboration tool, email data is growing at unsustainable rates. Additionally, with 60% of these emails containing business-critical and sensitive information, it is imperative for enterprises to consider the regulation and compliance challenges and the IT costs associated with it.

Solix Email Archiving, as part of the Enterprise Archiving Suite powered by Solix Common Data Platform (CDP), aims to simplify eDiscovery, compliance, and management of email growth. Email Archiving offers a secure, highly scalable and business user-friendly email archiving solution for enterprises of all sizes, as well as simplifies the implementation of a centralized ILM compliance strategy for all enterprise data including structured, unstructured and semi-structured data.

Solix Email Archiving


  • Capture & Archive All Email Data

    With journaling, synchronization, and PST imports, organizations can now capture and archive all current outgoing, incoming, and historic email data into a single archive repository.

  • Comprehensive Capture & Indexing

    Full email including the original content, detailed metadata, and attachments is captured and indexed for efficient search and future discovery.

  • Classify, Tag and Monitor Emails for Easier Supervision

    Create custom policies to classify and monitor emails in near real-time. Trigger alerts and add additional tags as needed for supervision and compliance.

  • Enforce Retention and Legal Hold Policies

    Create policy-based retention and legal holds at an organization, user, email or metadata level.

  • Powerful Search for eDiscovery with Case Folders

    Keyword & filter-based search to aid compliance & legal teams perform faster searches across all inboxes

  • Self-service Access to Archived Emails

    Every user will receive their own login to access their archived emails in an email client-like interface freeing up IT teams.

  • Reduce Storage from Email Systems

    Set up retention and purge policies to reduce storage of email systems and lower maintenance costs.

SOLIXCloud Email Archiving as-a-service

Hosted on Microsoft Azure, SOLIXCloud Enterprise Archiving delivers a fully managed low-cost, scalable, elastic, secure, and compliant data management solution for all enterprise data.


  • Simplify compliance and protection of business-critical information.
  • Powerful search + case folders to help respond to eDiscovery faster and efficiently.
  • Self-service access to archived emails for Business, compliance and legal users.
  • Supervision emails easily with active classification, monitoring and alerts.
  • Capture and archive all current and historic emails into a single secure repository.
  • Part of the Solix Enterprise Archiving suite. Expand capabilities to archive all types of enterprise data (apps, files, emails and more).
  • Deploy on-prem or on the cloud. The choice is yours.
  • Enforce retention and legal hold policies.
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