Sensitive Data Discovery
Discover and secure PII, PCI & PHI data across your enterprise data landscape

In today’s modern enterprises, confidential and sensitive data is present in structured and unstructured data formats and across production and non-production environments. With growing data security concerns and compliance needs, securing sensitive data across formats and locations is now a top priority for IT and compliance professionals.

While, production data environments are carefully secured in a way that only employees with legitimate business needs are granted permission to access, development, QA, and other non-production environments typically do not have the same levels of security, and the teams working with the clones and data subsets usually are not required to maintain security credentials. This can lead to unauthorized dissemination/accessing of sensitive data and expose enterprises to regulatory non-compliance leading to huge monetary fines and loss of trust with customers.

A common strategy for maintaining security in non-production environments is to mask, scramble, or otherwise replace the sensitive data. Before sensitive data can be masked, it must be identified.

Solix CDP’s Sensitve Data Discovery

Solix EDMS Data Discovery, which is a component in the Solix Enterprise Data Management Suite (Solix EDMS), addresses the key issue of identification of confidential and sensitive information such Personally Identifiable Information (PII), Payment Card Industry (PCI), and Personal Health Information (PHI) data elements before they can be masked.

With simple to use, process-driven user interaction, Solix CDP sensitive Data Discovery guides users from connecting to heterogeneous databases to identifying sensitive data and taking specific actions of masking the selected data elements. It comes with pre-built search patterns that can search against metadata or the data for standard PII data elements. It can be further customized to meet enterprise or industry specific requirements.

Key Features
  • Pre-populated rules and patterns for individual PII and PCI elements
  • Supports heterogeneous databases including Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase IQ, MySQL, IBM DB2
  • Fully integrated with Solix CDP Data Masking to provide a seamless discovery to masking process
  • Actionable process to mask discovered data elements
  • Data Discovery Dashboard providing snapshots of discovery configurations
  • Searches metadata and/or data
  • Simple-to-use process-driven user interaction
Key Benefits
  • Facilitates compliance and enables adherence to industry regulatory standards
  • Expedites discovering sensitive and confidential information
  • Ensures all confidential information is discovered and then masked