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CommunityCategory: Questionscan' t create data archiving configurator
Anonymous asked 4 years ago
in the EDMS SE ,can’t new a data Archiving setting!
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webadmin Staff answered 4 years ago
Pls let us know steps performed to create a data archiving config.

Pls follow below steps if you create data archiving config.
1) Register Source and Target Defintions using KB Source target Definitions screen.
2) Register required Tables through EDMS KB Tables screen.
3) Register relations and joins among registered tables.
4)Go to Configurator, drag any one of the registered table to right side region and then right click on that table click Auto Config Option.
5) A config will be prepared right hand side region.
6) Save that Config using Archiving type.
7) Create criteria as per business policies.
8) Click Code Generator option to generate code for this config.
9) Go to Data Archiving -> Run Configuration screen, select the config and click Run option.
10) By providing required parameters at run time, you can perform your data archiving operation.

Pls refer Data Archiving section of EDMS SE product User Manual for more details.