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CommunityCategory: QuestionsHow to Define a new Data Source for Data Masking?
Jessica Bavister asked 4 years ago
2 Answers
webadmin Staff answered 4 years ago
Login into Solix EDMS Standard Edition (SE) with ADMIN user.
Click “Data Masking Wizard” button in Home Page.
Click Next to proceed with wizard process.
You can Edit existing Enter Details Data Sources or you can define your own Data Source.
Click Add Button and in Setup Database Connection screen provide following details.
Enter a Name (user friendly Name) and select type as Source/target.
Provide user friendlymachine name.
Enter your Oracle Databse Host name or Ip Address.
Select Database as Oracle from drop down.
Provide Instance Name Eg., VIS.
Provide User Name and password, where EDMS SE connects and performs masking/validation operations.
The User should have select and update rights on tables, which you are going to use in masking.
Provide Port number and Save it.
Once you save it you can edit it and click “Test Connection” button to check the provided credentials are correct. If credentials are correc you will get message of “Connected to Specified Databse”.
With this you can use this Data Source for Datamasking and Data validations features.
shalini answered 2 years ago
ya this answer is right , but there is any other solution for this problem