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With sensitive data losses mounting every week from hackers, and compliance audits looming, why have only 25 percent of enterprises adopted database masking? IT executives cite high software costs and a lack of qualified resources for failing to address such a critical vulnerability.

At this webinar, guest speaker, Forrester Research, Inc., Principal Analyst Noel Yuhanna discusses how community software models offer a more affordable and effective solution to enterprise data management challenges. The webinar is brought to you by Solix Technologies, Inc.

Enterprise data management (EDM) represents a best practice approach to data security and data growth challenges. EDM delivers high ROI and improved operational results. Data growth challenges impact all organizations bringing added cost, performance and security concerns. To meet these challenges organizations deploy EDM software solutions for information lifecycle management (ILM) and database security.

But, infrastructure software models are evolving. Open source and community software platforms are gaining popularity by offering a lower cost alternative for improved data management. As these community-based platforms gain traction within the enterprise, high-quality data management solutions are emerging that are not only free to use, but also well supported by the robust vendor and user communities.

This webinar reviews:

  • A primer on enterprise data management
  • Community software model overview
  • Leveraging the free software download opportunity
  • Project and on-going support models
  • Solution opportunities – Test data management, database platforms, database masking, ILM