Data-driven Solutions

At Solix Technologies, we understand that each industry has its own unique challenges. We offer enterprise data management solutions that help address the specific needs of organizations across Banking, Finance, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail, Telecom and Government.


Learn how Solix Common Data Platform (CDP) empowers data-driven banking with a modern data platform that helps improve the performance of critical systems.


Mitigate the risk of security breach & address the most pressing data management challenges related to Data Privacy, Application Retirement, Database Archiving and Test Data Management.


Optimize your supply chain by gaining control over critical data that drives your bottom line.


Improve customer relationships, protect confidential data while lowering costs & increasing operational efficiency.


Solix data-driven Finance is a solution to empower CFO’s to extend their capabilities by proving a single source of information and business intelligence.


Manage healthcare data, protect patient privacy & ensure business continuity while streamlining costs.


Protect the confidential data of customers, improve shopping experience & loyalty while leveraging the retail data.