Data-driven Healthcare for Providers
Data-driven Healthcare for Providers

At the heart of healthcare is the relationship between providers and patients. Healthcare providers must effectively manage data from a growing variety of sources, making patient data available when it is needed for optimal care delivery, all while ensuring data is stored and accessed according to an evolving range of compliance requirements including HIPAA, PHI and GDPR. Facing narrowing operating margins, healthcare providers must simultaneously optimize revenue streams, applying cash flow analytics to discover areas for improvement.

With Solix Common Data Platform (CDP), healthcare providers can improve the performance of core applications to ensure efficient access to patient data, and leverage a governance framework to meet all appropriate compliance requirements. Solix CDP features a growing library of API-connected analytics dashboards, giving providers new perspective on disparate data sources ranging from sensors and wearables to larger population health trends and even revenue streams.

Solix Common Data Platform for Healthcare Providers
  • Solix Enterprise Archiving: Move less active data from production applications to an archive, purging it from the source to improve performance and reduce infrastructure costs by storing archived data on commodity hardware.
  • Solix Enterprise Data Lake: Low-cost, bulk storage of data in varying formats to create a single logical data lake across multiple locations, whether on-premises or in the cloud.
  • Advanced Analytics: Connect through a growing library of APIs to dashboards for next-generation predictive, prescriptive and image analytics.
  • ILM & Data Governance: Data governance through an Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) framework to ensure industry-standard compliance requirements are met, with flexibility for custom business rules.
  • Patient 360: Unify data silos to obtain a comprehensive patient profile for enhanced care delivery.
  • Enterprise Cash Consolidation: Maximize revenue opportunities with claims and cash flow management analytics powered by Emagia.


Data-driven Healthcare




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