Enterprises seeking to optimize application performance, increase availability and compliance while decreasing data center costs need to implement effective Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) programs.

Solix Deployment Solutions offer integrated hardware and software answers that mitigate the risks associated with application decommissioning while providing best-practice ILM solutions and strong ROI.

Solix ExAPPS

Organizations optimizing their application portfolios often find as much as 40 percent of applications can be decommissioned, rationalized or migrated. But, these applications contain data that must be retained for compliance.

Solix EDMS Managed Services

Solix Managed Services operate according to pre-defined business rules. Security and performance are guaranteed through Service Level Agreements (SLAs), freeing IT staff to focus on innovation rather than running mundane tasks.

Solix Cloud

Solix Cloud features two major solutions — Solix Cloud Database Archiving and Solix Cloud Application Retirement — to help organizations improve the performance of enterprise applications and reduce maintenance costs.