Solix EDMS Managed Services
Solix Managed Services

Solix Managed Services operate according to pre-defined business rules. Security and performance are guaranteed through Service Level Agreements (SLAs), freeing IT staff to focus on innovation rather than running mundane tasks.

Solix Managed Services offer an opportunity to implement an effective Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) program with minimal staff involvement that requires zero infrastructure or capital outlay when combined with Solix Cloud. Managed Services can be deployed for Solix Enterprise Data Management Suite (EDMS).

For a low monthly fee, Solix Managed Services deliver database archiving, data masking, test data management, and application retirement capabilities. Solix Managed Services is an inexpensive, and a flexible way to implementing an effective ILM program.

Solix Cloud Application Retirement, available in Solix EDMS, preserves the full meta-data context in complete business objects, automatically de-duplicates the data and compresses it as much as 75%.

Solix ExAPPS comes as a free-standing, plug-and-play appliance. Installation is a simple process of connecting it to power and the data network. Data archiving or migration process can be initiated using a browser to point Solix ExAPPS at the first candidate application and leaving it to work.

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