Application Decommissioning
The Situation

Experts believe as many as 40 percent of applications in a non-optimized portfolio are eligible for retirement, rationalization or migration. These outdated applications consume computing resources, storage, and manpower, yet provide little business benefit. Solix EDMS Application Retirement decommissions legacy applications while maintaining access to critical application data. Return on investment (ROI) is nearly immediate as legacy system support charges are either greatly reduced or eliminated entirely.

Data is the life blood of any organization and Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) is the recognized best practice for managing data across the enterprise. All data is not equal. As data ages it is accessed less and less frequently. Many legacy systems are maintained online for occasional access only despite straining IT resources. It is the job of ILM to manage application decommissioning and retirement through a framework of governance, risk and compliance policies for data retention.

The Solution – Solix EDMS Application Retirement

Solix EDMS Application Retirement offers a viable strategy for application portfolio rationalization, data center consolidation, decommissioning of legacy applications, improving operational efficiency, reducing data costs and meeting compliance goals. Access to critical retired data is maintained through Solix Application Portfolio Manager and BI reporting tool.

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On-Demand Webinar

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