Enterprise Analytics
Solix Big Data Suite

The explosion of both structured and unstructured data is driving adoption of a new enterprise blueprint to enable growing amounts of enterprise data to be stored more reliably and at the lowest possible cost. The Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) has rapidly emerged as the leading nearline storage platform because it provides secure, stable storage for structured and unstructured enterprise data with enhanced access. Moreover, Apache Hadoop represents the lowest cost alternative for highly scalable, bulk storage of enterprise data.

The Solix Big Data Suite leverages an Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) framework and Apache Hadoop to store less frequently accessed enterprise data in a nearline repository. Moving less frequently accessed data to a nearline repository improves production application performance, reduces infrastructure costs and enables powerful big data analytics opportunities.

Solix Enterprise Archiving and Solix Data Lake applications utilize best practice ILM processes to ingest and store both structured and unstructured enterprise data. Data retention is based on policies and business rules to ensure proper compliance and control. Universal data access is maintained through structured reporting as well full text search.

Solix Data Lake

A central challenge for enterprise data warehouse (EDW) platforms is to deliver highly specific data views that meet the needs of business users rather than canonical top-down enterprise views which may or may not satisfy end user’s requirements. The Solix Data Lake reduces the complexity and processing burden to stage EDW and analytics applications, and it provides highly efficient, bulk storage of enterprise data for later use when it is needed.

The Solix Data Lake provides a copy of production data and stores it “as is” in bulk to be better described and distilled later. This simple COPY process eliminates the need for heavy extract transform load (ETL) processing during ingestion. Once resident within the Hadoop file system (HDFS), enterprise data may better described or transformed later for use with business analytics applications such as those available from the Solix App Store.

The Solix Data Lake employs an Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) framework to meet governance, risk and compliance objectives and ensure that best practices for data retention and classification are deployed. ILM policies and business rules may be pre-configured to meet industry standard compliance objectives such as COBIT or custom designed to meet more specific requirements.


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