Test Data Management
The Situation

Accurate test data improves application development quality which is why the most demanding application development teams require that their test data be populated from production databases. As a result it is not unusual for a Test Data Management (TDM) program to maintain six to eight full clones of the production database for use as test and development instances.

Without proper automation the task to create, configure and maintain so many clones is an inefficient and labor-intensive activity. Sensitive data must first be discovered, classified and then masked to meet compliance goals (since test data cannot be encrypted). Storage requirements may increase up to eight fold to accommodate the volume of test data.

Since the cloning process creates such resource drain and data governance challenges, test and development databases are often not refreshed frequently enough. As data becomes stale the risk grows that subsequent development changes will produce inaccurate test results or even test failure. And of course, the cost of application development errors increases as the errors are discovered later and later in the application development lifecycle.

The Solution – Solix EDMS Test Data Management

Solix EDMS Test Data Management creates intelligently sized database subsets not clones to reduce test data storage requirements by up to 80 percent. Database subsets are smaller to save storage space, but still provide a syntactically correct copy of the production database to achieve the most accurate test results. When combined with Solix EDMS Data Masking, sensitive test data may be classified and then properly masked to ensure compliance and to protect against data breach.

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