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Where companies once managed megabytes and gigabytes, they now handle terabytes and petabytes of data. Enterprise data represents the most valuable corporate asset. Collecting, managing, maintaining, storing and protecting this data requires a huge capital and IT investment. So it is not a surprise that there are strong incentives for IT organizations to apply the best technology and processes to perform data management tasks faster, better and in a more cost-effective manner.

Whether utilizing PeopleSoft HCM, EPM, CRM or Financials; the growth of Application Data can have a profound effect on the application performance and IT infrastructure costs. An effective ILM strategy is required to manage the growing applications data and minimize the subsequent cost through Applications Data Archiving.

During this webinar, you will learn how Solix EDMS Database Archiving for PeopleSoft Applications and Hexaware IT services provide best practices for Archiving PeopleSoft Applications Data.