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Learn how the Solix Common Data Platform (CDP) for Healthcare Providers reduces infrastructure costs, supports PHI and HIPAA compliance requirements, delivers downstream NOSQL applications and advanced analytics for healthcare.

Healthcare Providers function in a complex operational environment and are facing multiple challenges such as enormous data growth from disparate systems, pressure on cash and margins, strict regulatory compliance requirements from HIPAA and increasing expectations of quality patient-centered healthcare.

Healthcare IT is also under pressure to address these healthcare challenges. Data-driven healthcare is already making a huge impact addressing these challenges. Questions over data ownership, diverse data sources, comprehensive patient view, apps integrations are just a few areas which are challenging healthcare providers to consider data as a strategy. To survive and thrive, providers will need to move to more flexible and integrated environments that deliver on the promise of evidence-based, patient-centered healthcare.

Watch this Webinar and learn from these industry veterans how to leverage Data-driven Healthcare for your organization.