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The analyst firm Enterprise Strategy Group has estimated that as much as 54% of data that resides in databases is confidential and in 2006 alone there were over 300 breaches that involved millions of personal records (ESG March 2006). Recent news on the TJX data breach indicated that attackers had been penetrating their internal networks as far back as July 2005. While data security is at the forefront of IT’s priorities, determining how to implement security policies and leverage available technologies in today’s heterogeneous environments is daunting.

IT Directors, Compliance Officers, Security Officers, Application Managers and DBA’s will benefit from this one hour webinar in which Julie will discuss:

  • Sources for commonly overlooked security risks in your database environment
  • How combining database security and auditing can protect organizations from data breaches
  • How Solix Technologies can help organizations deploy, enforce and audit consistent security policies across all database applications, including ERP and custom applications