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The enterprise data ecosystem has fundamentally transformed. Data from traditional sources continues to grow while new data types and sources emerge at an increasing rate. From banking and healthcare to manufacturing and retail, businesses across industries must manage this expanding volume and variety of data while also extracting business insights or risk falling behind a competitive marketplace.

Join speakers GV Rao – VP of Sales for L&T Infotech, Russ Puryear-Global VP of Sales and Peter Evans-Sr. Director of Pre-sales of Solix Technologies for a live webinar as they share how enterprises are turning these challenges into opportunities with the Solix Common Data Platform. By attending this webinar, you will learn how through effectively capturing, organizing and analyzing data from all sources, businesses are able to achieve governance across all data while simultaneously leveraging it to become data-driven.​

Key Discussion Points of the Webinar:

  • A unified architecture empowers enterprises to manage data across all divisions, whether structured, unstructured, or semi-structured.
  • Enterprise Archiving ensures that only current data is stored in high-performance infrastructure, freeing up production environments to reduce costs.
  • Features like role-based access allow organizations to meet industry-specific compliance requirements.
  • An Enterprise Data Lake frees businesses from complex extract, transform and load processes, and allows them to leverage data for advanced analytics.