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Fortifying Your Enterprise AI: A Path to Trusted, Secure, and Compliant AI” webinar promises an illuminating exploration into the dynamic realm of Enterprise AI. As organizations increasingly rely on artificial intelligence to drive innovation and efficiency, the need for trust, security, and compliance has never been more critical. This webinar is designed to equip attendees with valuable perspectives and practical tips for navigating the multifaceted challenges of deploying AI in enterprise settings.

From understanding the importance of building transparent and fair AI models to implementing robust security measures and adhering to stringent regulatory standards, our expert panel will offer actionable insights to help you fortify your AI strategy. Whether you’re a seasoned AI professional or just beginning to explore the possibilities of AI adoption within your organization, this webinar provides a comprehensive roadmap for success in the ever-evolving landscape of Enterprise AI. Join us to gain the knowledge and tools you need to drive sustainable growth, mitigate risks, and foster trust in your AI initiatives.

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  • Robin Bloor
    Bloor Research

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  • John Ottman
    Executive Chairman
    Solix Technologies, Inc.

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  • Kishore Gadiraju
    VP of Engineering
    Solix Technologies, Inc.

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