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File archiving is the process of moving inactive or less frequently accessed data to a separate, lower-cost storage solution. Cloud Data Management has emerged as a consensus strategy to optimize multi-cloud deployments across the enterprise.

Data growth is escalating at a rate of 55-65% per year and creating significant pain points for enterprises. Unstructured data is at the heart of this crisis, bogging down applications and networks, and creating major compliance and data privacy issues for enterprises. Through SOLIXCloud File Archiving, organizations can modernize their data infrastructures to streamline performance and improve business results.

Watch this on-demand webinar featuring John Ottman, Executive Chairman at Solix Technologies to explore how enterprises can leverage file archiving solutions to modernize their data infrastructures.

What You Will Learn:

  • How to overcome data growth challenges
  • Why your enterprise needs to archive files
  • How to leverage SOLIXCloud File Archiving to modernize your data infrastructure