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Identifying and masking sensitive information across your organization is not only critical from a business point of view but also a regulatory and compliance requirement.

According to Data Breach Quick View report from threat intelligence consultancy firm Risk Based Security (RBS), 2013 was an epic year for data loss dominated by a handful of truly enormous breaches.

Did you know there were 2,164 incidents reported last year exposing 822 million records?

  • The Business sector accounted for 53.4% of reported incidents, followed by Government (19.3%), Education (8.2%)
  • Breaches involving U.S. entities accounted for 48.7% of the incidents and 66.5% of the exposed records
  • 59.8% of reported incidents were the result of Hacking which accounted for 72.0% of exposed Records
  • Passwords involved in 47.8% of incidents, and names, user IDs and email addresses all leaked in around 40% of cases
  • Card number, the holy grail of data, was exposed in 10.4% of the incidents

Watch this webcast to learn how to protect your sensitive info and prevent a data breach.

This webcast reviews:

  • The sources of data breaches and possible responses
  • Safeguards to protect sensitive information
  • Securing the non-production environment, which is the prime target for an attack