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They will make the manufacturing operations more efficient while providing you with better insights into your operations

But nothing is free. What they all have in common is each of these changes will produce an explosion of data. The challenges that come along with managing explosive data growth include increased costs, complex technology changes, technology obsolescence, application redundancy, increased compliance, and security challenges. How can you drive value by not addressing data management issues?

There are simple strategies that allow you to benefit from these new advances and reduce costs in managing this data. This can even help fund new initiatives. Solix has joined hands with HCL to present a webinar.

Watch this webinar to learn how you can:

  • Know the methods to identify and retire old applications
  • Ensure your archived data is stored & managed in a modern-day infrastructure like cloud
  • Deliver self-service and end-user access to your archived data
  • Meet industry regulatory and Consumer Data Privacy compliance
  • Leverage historical data for operational insight