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  • Norman Garnett

    Norman Garnett
    Former Sr. Manager, Enterprise Data Management
    Stanley Black & Decker

  • Jim Lee

    Jim Lee
    VP Data Services
    Solix Technologies, Inc

  • Russ Puryear

    Russ Puryear
    VP Sales
    Solix Technologies, Inc

Your organization likely has applications that are no longer utilized. But you hold on to and maintain them because the associated data needs to be retained for legal, regulatory and/or compliance reasons. Learn how to sunset these applications, but keep access to the essential data.

Key Takeaways:

  • The financial and operational benefits of retiring legacy applications
  • Steps to successfully migrate from outdated systems
  • Real-world case study demonstrating the impact of application retirement
  • Best practices for ensuring a smooth transition and future-proofing your IT infrastructure