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A university environment is very dynamic. Multiple batches of students, several courses, and various levels of staff, numerous devices access and process data across various departments. At Cornell University, PeopleSoft Enterprise applications helps manage contributor relations, process student admissions, handle staff payroll, but how is the sensitive / PII data kept secure in an effective way?

What is This Session All About?

This webinar explores elements of masking PeopleSoft Enterprise Applications data at Cornell University. Data masking processes are used in non-production environments to ensure sensitive information is not exposed and thus avoiding the risk of leaks. In this session, Tony Damiani from Cornell’s IT and Security will demonstrate the university’s strategy for safeguarding sensitive data such as social security, student information etc. The session will also focus on how Cornell University implemented data masking processes in non-production transaction and reporting systems using Solix Enterprise Data Management Suite. Learn how to use data masking capabilities to be in compliance and create a risk-free transaction environment on the campus.

Discussion Topics:

  • Data breach risks and compliance in universities and higher education
  • Issues of data breach and typical challenges
  • How data masking can help mitigate risk
  • Criteria for choosing a data masking solution
  • Managing the complexity of PeopleSoft Enterprise Applications data during data masking
  • Implementing rules for masking
  • Validating the secured data against IT objectives