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Is your business-critical data properly archived, secured, and easily retrievable? Or like most, is it scattered, at risk, across your enterprise? Acquisitions, divestitures, mergers, asset rationalization, modernization, and decommissioning initiatives all contribute to a lack of standardization and a need for one, single-source solution for data management.

SOLIX Technologies, Inc. and Essential Manufacturing Solutions (EMS) are delivering a proven, single-source solution and methodology that addresses business-critical data, called “The One Pharma ILM Solution.” Please join us to learn more.

What you will learn from the Webinar:

  • How the One Pharma ILM Solution meets current and future big data archival demands for Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology organizations
  • Industry challenges and business drivers related to managing Big Data
  • Enabling self-service data retention and retrieval with secured access
  • How to achieve rapid return-on-investment by eliminating the need to support so many legacy technologies
  • Enterprise Analytics on massive data volumes that have been acquired over many years
  • Regulatory, Legal Hold, and Quality Assurance compliance with Big Data
  • Meeting new Data Privacy processing requirements for all data types