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Data-driven Healthcare for Payers

Empowers the payer industry with a common data platform to discover untapped data-driven opportunities

Payers are being challenged as the industry shifts from volume-based care to a value-based reimbursement structure that would benefit the patient, the healthcare provider and the payer. New payment models including fee-for-service only and pay-for performance creates impetus for payers to acquire, aggregate, and analyze data.

Here are a few areas addressed in this white paper:

  • Finding effective analytical tools to analyze various healthcare metrics
  • Handling uncommon disease occurrences
  • Dealing with the uncertain future of the Affordable Care Act
  • Developing advanced analytics to ensure the patient gets the most appropriate, cost-effective treatment
  • Identifying insurance fraud attempts

This white paper addresses the business challenges of the payer industry with a proven technology solution. Read this white paper to find out more.