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The Solix Data Fabric: A Multi-cloud Information Architecture

Digital transformation is driving organizations as fast as they can to implement data-driven solutions that transform business results such as advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning. But achieving digital transformation isn’t so easy for many organizations because a new information architecture is required called the data fabric. The data fabric is a trusted, multi-cloud information architecture that automates data management functions end to end.

Cloud data management runs either as a private cloud solution managed by in-house resources or as a SaaS subscription. Once data is captured and ingested into a common data platform, cloud data management applications provide tooling to pipeline, enrich, transform and prepare the data for later use.

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About the Author:

John Ottman John Ottman has over 30 years experience with enterprise applications and cloud infrastructure. He is currently the Executive Chairman of Solix Technologies, Inc. and Co-Founder and Chairman of Minds Inc.