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When: Thursday, June 27 2024 | 08:00 AM PT

As your enterprise continues to grow and evolve, the management and storage of ever-expanding volumes of files and data has certainly become increasingly complex – and expensive. File Archiving plays a pivotal role in addressing this challenge, offering numerous benefits that are essential for cost savings, organizational efficiency, compliance, and an overall optimized data management strategy.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn:

  • Understanding Enterprise File Archiving: We will provide an overview and architecture of what Enterprise File Archiving entails, including its definition and objectives.
  • Importance of Efficient Data Management: We will discuss the importance of effectively managing your organization’s data, including significantly reducing storage costs, improving data accessibility and retrieval times, and optimizing storage resources through archiving.
  • Compliance and Regulatory Requirements: We will explore how SOLIXCloud File Archiving helps you meet regulatory compliance, legal hold and eDiscovery requirements through ensuring data integrity, retention policies, and security.
  • Product Introduction: With connectors for many popular file repositories, SOLIXCloud File Archiving makes it easy and efficient to identify unused files from your file shares and content repositories and archive eligible files to a unified repository on SOLIXCloud. The archiving process also includes data validation to ensure files are being migrated in their entirety. Additionally, IT teams have the option to enable automated purge from source to ensure data migrated to cloud successfully is purged post archiving.