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Solix EDMS Application Retirement

Gartner estimates that "on average 10% of applications running in an unoptimized portfolio are candidates for retirement. And an additional one-third can require migration or rationalization." These include obsolescent applications that are no longer delivering any business value or have been replaced but not yet shut down, applications on mainframes slated for replacement with less expensive servers, and applications with duplicate functionality that have accumulated in the environment through mergers and acquisitions. Obviously retiring legacy applications would create a major savings on the IT operating budget by freeing staff for more important assignments, eliminating licensing and maintenance fees, and allowing IT to shut down the hardware they run on, saving power and heating costs immediately. The prospect of these savings is a major driver in establishing application portfolio management and application rationalization in large IT environments.

But shutting down applications is more complex than it might first appear. The issue is the data, which is often in non-standard formats and which almost always need to be preserved both for internal business uses and, often, for compliance and other legal reasons. This data presents three related problems:

  1. How will the data be migrated to lower tier, often unpowered storage while preserving the vital metadata and application context, without which much of the information is lost?
  2. Can the data be compressed to further save on storage media costs without losing the context?
  3. How will users access the data once the original application is shut down?

Solix EDMS Application Retirement is a flexible tool that provides a highly automated, secure answer to the application retirement, data migration, and legacy data access issues. Once the application retirement candidate has been selected, Solix EDMS Application Retirement uses the archiving functionalities of Solix EDMS Database Archiving to migrate the legacy data to the selected archive platform, while preserving the full metadata and application context, business objects and reports, and adding application context using the Solix ViewBuilder tool. If the target repository is chosen as Solix Secure Archive, it automatically de-duplicates the data, compresses it as much as 90%, and stores it in an immutable form that can be viewed, searched, and imported into reports using the built-in Solix Application Portfolio Manager while preserving the original data unchanged to meet compliance requirements. The process can then be repeated for the next application retirement candidate. Thus, Solix EDMS Application Retirement can replace multiple physical servers, applications, and storage, significantly reducing operating budgets and increasing operational efficiencies.

The Solix EDMS Application Retirement tool is highly flexible:

  • It can both archive legacy application databases and inactive data out of application databases that are being migrated to modern applications
  • By reducing the size of production databases significantly it:
  • It can archive data to multiple archive platforms including relational databases, the SOLIX Secure Archive, file server archives, content repositories and Cloud storage services, allowing it to archive different data sets to different target systems based on access requirements.
  • It supports tiered storage based on business rules, for instance to archive newer data to tier 2 disk and older data to removable media.
  • Solix EDMS Application Retirement has a proven track record of application decommissioning for packaged and custom applications, running on RDBMS and non-Relational data sources, including:
    • Oracle E-Business Suite
    • JD Edwards World and EnterpriseOne on IBM AS/400 (i-5)
    • BaaN
    • SAP R/3
    • Manman on HP Turbo Image
    • IDMS on IBM z/OS
    • VSAM files on IBM z/OS
    • CA Datacom on IBM z/OS
  • It preserves all meta-data and links associated with complex data sets to maintain the full context of the legacy data.


Solix EDMS Application Retirement enables companies to:

  • Decommission legacy applications and migrate active data that needs to be retained
  • Define the data retention policy at the application level, select and then migrate legacy date to data archive platforms
  • Offer options for how data is migrated giving customers the ultimate flexibility in a single tool
  • Reduce IT maintenance costs
  • Secure access control
  • Support compliance & legal hold requirements