Data Growth Needs to be Managed

Microsoft SQL Server is the underlying database for small custom applications to global implementations of enterprise applications. Organizations can mitigate the impact of data growth in these systems by running batch reports during off-peak hours, purchasing faster hardware or utilizing the purge functionality. However, none of these techniques fully address the reality of database growth and the need for long-term data retention.

Reduce Costs and Improve Application Performance

Data growth impacts application performance increases costs and creates compliance concerns. With each new transaction, inactive data grows putting more pressure on application performance and availability. Operations and compliance concerns may arise, and batch jobs, data replication and disaster recovery all run slower making online users wait longer. Extended outages must also be planned to convert legacy data to the new release during upgrade cycles.

Solix Database Archiving solutions for Microsoft SQL helps archive less frequently accessed data to a separate database and then PURGE the archived data from the production database to reduce the footprint. By reducing the size of the database, application performance and availability is improved and storage and maintenance costs reduced.

Case Study: How reduced its Oracle database size by 1TB and achieved dramatic performance improvement is a leading retailer based in Salt Lake City, Utah. With more than one million products on its website and 1,500 employees, Overstock’s year...

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Database archiving has also helped ATD move toward a lifecycle management approach to data, meaning that the company is able to exercise more control over data's creation, storage, and deletion. "Going through that lifecycle—from production to archiving to elimination—is definitely what we're putting together as a long-term strategy.

Tony Vaden

CIO American Tire Distributors

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