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Protect Sensitive Data Across all Non-Production and Analytics Environments

In today's digitized world, as organizations move vast amounts of data between production and non-production environments for development, testing, and analysis, the protection of sensitive data in these non-production realms becomes paramount. While production data often benefit from robust security measures, non-production datasets can inadvertently remain exposed, often overlooked in terms of rigorous governance and security. This oversight can pave the way for potential breaches, risking not just regulatory non-compliance, but also reputational damage.

SOLIXCloud Data Masking is the definitive answer to this challenge. Tailored to reinforce the security of sensitive data within non-production environments, Solix offers an unparalleled fusion of sophisticated data discovery and robust masking techniques, ensuring that sensitive information remains shielded from both internal and external vulnerabilities.

SOLIXCloud Data Masking

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Key Capabilities of Data Masking

Solix Sensitive Data Discovery

Solix Sensitive Data Discovery

Solix Sensitive Data Discovery offers an expansive suite for identifying sensitive information across hundreds of data sources across On-prem and Cloud environments and spanning structured and unstructured data types. With prebuilt discovery patterns and the flexibility to incorporate custom patterns, identifying sensitive data across the enterprise landscape is now easy and efficient. This holistic solution also provides comprehensive reports, ensuring robust compliance and audit readiness for organizations.

SOLIXCloud Sensitive Data Discovery

Solix Data Masking

Solix Data Masking offers a comprehensive multi-cloud solution to safeguard sensitive data across diverse data repositories and types. It encompasses a range of masking techniques, such as referential masking, redaction, format-preserving encryption, and more. Users can leverage its pre-defined security rules or introduce custom rules. By preserving format and referential integrity across datasets, Solix ensures that the data remains functional without compromising compliance or data security standards.

SOLIXCloud Data Masking

Data Masking Key Benefits

  • Unified solution with discovery and masking
  • Support for 100’s of databases, mainframes, and applications
  • Support for structured and unstructured data
  • Robust set of Masking Techniques
  • Preserves format and referential integrity
  • Pre-configured discovery patterns and masking rules
  • Ability to add custom patterns and rules
  • Project Accelerators for ERP applications
  • Parallel and sequential Masking
  • Comprehensive reporting for compliance and Audit readiness

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