Cloud Data Management for JD Edwards

SOLIXCloud CDP(Common Data Platform) encapsulates over 20 years of experience supporting the archiving and data management needs of customers. The goal is to achieve infrastructure optimization, whether JD Edwards is your current ERP system of record or your organization has decided to transition to a new ERP solution.

Solix is the only data lifecycle vendor that develops, sells, implements, and supports its complete solution. Solix boasts a services team that averages 10+ years of archiving experience, Solix CDP can improve your performance, improve your data compliance, reduce your infrastructure costs, and free up valuable IT resources for other challenges by choosing our Database Archiving or Application Retirement services.

Solutions and Services for JD Edwards

Application Retirement

Application Retirement

Organizations are rapidly adopting the cloud paradigm and leveraging software-as-a-service. This transition may have left you with valuable legacy JD Edwards data that was not cost-effective for you to migrate to the new system of record. You may have merged with another company and the decision has been made to either standardize on a different ERP or consolidate. In either case, you may be left with one or more legacy JD Edwards application instances to maintain. Solix CDP and Solix Retirement Factory Services are a potent combination to help your organization realize potential savings, maintain self-service end-user access to your legacy JD Edwards data, along with all of the compliance benefits such as automated retention, legal holds, and role-based access controls. Solix offers JD Edwards customers:

  • JD Edwards specific project accelerators to shorten the project timeline and save money
  • Authorized user access to legacy data via full-text search, Forms, Reports, Saved & Ad-hoc queries
  • Print report archiving enables critical application reports to be tagged, indexed and made searchable in Solix CDP
  • Eliminate the costs associated with maintaining the legacy environment
  • Complete cloud-scale, security, and governance
Database Archiving

Database Archiving

SOLIXCloud Database Archiving for JD Edwards solves your production database growth-related problems by identifying the older, lower value data and migrating it out of the production database and into the cloud archive store. Solix CDP can ensure consistent, long-term performance, in some cases, even eliminating the need to upgrade to extremely expensive, proprietary hardware and software to support your organization’s growth.

  • Pre-built knowledge bases for JD Edwards modules
  • Full Support for customizations
  • An experienced team of off-shore experts with an average of 10+ years of application/database archiving experience.
  • Authorized user access to legacy data via full-text search, Forms, Reports, Saved & Ad-hoc queries
  • The ability to de-archive if needed
Database Archiving

Key Capabilities

  • Cloud data management to archive all data and legacy applications

    SOLIXCloud Enterprise Archiving provides a fully managed, cloud-scale, compliant archive repository for less-active enterprise data (structured, semi-structured and unstructured) and retirement of legacy applications

    • Centralized data governance and administration
    • Improve application performance and optimize infrastructure
    • Manage data growth and reduce costs
    • Meet compliance objectives
    • Supports ERP, CRM, Custom Apps, Mainframes, File servers, IOT, Email, Documents, Social and Log data
  • Achieve compliance objectives with policy-based data retention

    Through advanced Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) organizations handle the complex regulatory landscape and minimizes risks of accidental data deletion from the archive.

    • Retain data only as long as required by law
    • Automatic or manual purge with prior notification
    • Custom rules engine
    • Standard retention plans including Fair Labor Standards Act, Bank Secrecy Act, Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA), General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)
  • E-Discovery & Legal Hold

    Compliance and legal professionals can quickly identify and retrieve records to meet data requests from regulatory agencies and law enforcement. Further, they can place legal holds on records of interest to ensure such data is retained beyond the pre-defined data retention periods to comply with legal proceedings.

    • Supports multiple cases
    • Robust text search
    • Structured and Adhoc reporting
  • Print Report Archiving

    The Solix Virtual Printer feature enables users to print important legacy application reports and have them ingested into SOLIXCloud Enterprise Archiving. These reports are denormalized, indexed and tagged for easy text search and retrieval by end-users.

  • Solix Search provides comprehensive text search, structured reports and adhoc queries

    Text search provides simplified user access to enterprise business records (EBR) which are denormalized views of a specific business function such as invoicing. EBR's organize data into templates (i.e. invoices, customer data, spreadsheets, and other documents) for easy self-service access to complex business processes.

  • Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) is a best practice for managing data throughout its lifecycle

    ILM solutions are intended to improve the performance of enterprise applications, reduce infrastructure costs and provide governance, risk and compliance frameworks for enterprise data. With ILM, organizations are able to optimize their infrastructure with a tiered enterprise data management strategy, and establish a control framework for proper data governance and compliance.

    Industry analysts point out that up to 80% of data is not current, and the value of data declines dramatically over time. ILM classifies data at creation and moves data across infrastructure tiers based on business rules and retention policies. ILM ensures that only current, active data is consuming valuable tier one compute and storage resources, and that all data is governed by compliance policy throughout its lifecycle.

  • End-End Metadata Management

    Solix Metadata management is an end-to-end framework to explore all enterprise metadata and lineage from a centralized repository and business glossory.

    • Explore your Enterprise Data Landscape
    • Understand the data lifecycle
    • Establish consistent descriptions and business context for your data
  • Comprehensive reporting for all structured data

    • ODBC, JDBC, SQL access
    • Comprehensive REST API
    • Legacy reports
    • Custom and adhoc reports
Customer & Partner Speak

Solix’s EDMS for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne has provided us with the capability of using tiered storage to optimize our transactional speed and to reduce our overall storage cost. All of this while providing our customers with seamless access to both live and archived data.

Mike MacKenzie

Vice-President, Infrastructure & Operations, IMP Group International Inc

Why SOLIXCloud?

SOLIXCloud Enterprise Archiving delivers a fully managed low-cost, scalable, elastic, secure, and compliant data management solution for all enterprise data.

  • Single Platform

    Single Platform

    Unified archive for structured, unstructured and semi-structured data.

  • Reduce Risk

    Reduce Risk

    Policy driven archiving and data retention

  • 24/7 Global Support

    24/7 Support

    Solix offers world-class support from experts 24/7 to meet your data management needs.

  • On-demand Scale

    On-demand Scale

    Elastic offering to scale storage and support with your project

  • Fully Managed

    Fully Managed

    Software as-a-service offering

  • Secure & Compliant

    Secure & Compliant

    Comprehensive Data Governance

  • Low Cost & Pay-as-you-go

    Low Cost

    Pay-as-you-go monthly subscription so you only purchase what you need.

  • End-User Friendly

    End-User Friendly

    End-user data access with flexibility for format options.

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