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Data-driven Government

The role of government continues to change in a fast-moving world with a techno evolution that is pushing the edge with constant innovation and expected outcomes for a demanding citizen. The volume, velocity and variety scale may vary in the public sector versus private, but the complexity is heightened exponentially with a push for governmental agencies to adapt the latest innovation, keeping the compliance and transparency mandates in view, and always seeking to do more with less.

Data-driven Healthcare for Providers

Healthcare data and its impact upon the patient care decision process via accurate, real-time, reliable data from disparate sources is creating a digital health revolution. Data-driven healthcare is beginning to have a huge impact addressing the challenges of every provider, through efficient handling of huge volumes of patient care data.

Data-driven Healthcare for the Pharmaceutical Industry

The tremendous opportunity of a data-driven strategy is apparent to pharmaceutical industry, as all these informational assets exhibiting volume, variety, and velocity need to be ingested and analyzed for enhanced insight leading to better business decisions to address proactively the needs of patient care, while getting to market cheaper, faster, with better products.

Data-driven Banking: Managing the Digital Transformation

The digital revolution has arrived in banking. Evolving customer expectations, increasing cyber threats and growing volumes of data are just a few of the challenges faced by traditional financial institutions.

Big Data & The New Enterprise Blueprint

We now understand that the world is drowning in data. It is estimated that over 15 petabytes of new information is created every day, which is eight times more than the information in all the libraries in the United States. This year, the amount of digital information generated is expected to reach 988 exabytes. This is equivalent to the amount of information if books were stacked from the Sun to Pluto and back.

The New Enterprise Blueprint

Read how Solix Big Data Suite manages the entire data lifecycle without sacrificing governance, compliance, or performance. This newsletter can help you start the enterprise Hadoop journey without having to choose between operational efficiency and BI.

How to Optimize ERP Upgrades

To get the best from a new ERP system, it’s important to ensure good data management practices are in place. Because any potential risk during the upgrade can disrupt the business operations. This white paper examines Solix Enterprise Data Management Suite (EDMS), and how it can provide an organization with the much-needed security during an upgrade. The white paper also mentions case examples of customers who have unlocked the true potential of their enterprise data using Solix EDMS.

Enterprise Data Management “As-a-Service”

The explosion of enterprise data is recognized as one of the most pressing challenges facing organizations today. This white paper examines how Solix Enterprise Data Management Suite (EDMS) Managed Services deliver database archiving, data masking, test data management and application retirement – at a low monthly fee.

Solix EDMS and Oracle Exadata: Transitioning to the Private Cloud

This white paper discusses how Solix Enterprise Data Management Suite (EDMS) has been adapted for the cloud computing model and how it can assist organizations to make the transition to a private cloud such as Oracle Exadata and maintain efficient utilization of the cloud infrastructure over the long-term.

Solix Cloud – Managing Data Growth with Database Archiving and Application Retirement

Mission-critical ERP and CRM applications are the lifeblood of any business. This paper examines how Solix Cloud Database Archiving and Application Retirement Solutions enable enterprises to achieve their ILM goals while reducing complexity and offering superior performance.

DCIG: Solix ExAPPS Brings New Relief to Application Retirement Anxiety

People may come and go but applications live forever. This white paper examinees how Solix ExAPPS provides organizations a new option for retiring these applications while alleviating the uncertainty normally associated with such decisions.

Simplifying Enterprise Application Retirement with Solix ExAPPS – Industry’s first Application Retirement Appliance

This white paper examines how Solix ExAPPS Application Retirement appliance provides a better management of legacy data and helps enterprises benefit from significant reduction in storage costs while meeting compliance requirements.

Database Archiving: The Key to Siebel Performance

This white paper examines why an organization should archive data and details how one solution, Solix Technologies’ Enterprise Data Management Suite (EDMS), has helped customers improve application performance while maintaining information access.

A New Frontier in Securing Sensitive Information – Taneja Group, April 2007

Sensitive Information is increasingly landing in the hands of malicious individuals either through external breaches or insider thefts from employees or contractors. This paper looks into what it takes to secure sensitive information and thwart and potential breaches.

Facilitating Compliance and Intelligent Information Management with Effective Database Management – Enterprise Strategy Group, March 2007

This white paper examines how effective database management can help achieve compliance and efficient information management.

Logical Data Warehouse: Solix Common Data Platform for Enterprise

LDW is fundamentally a data management architecture for analytics that extends over multiple data repositories of different types in multiple physical locations – in the data center, in remote sites, and in the cloud. However, enterprises are finding that actually creating an LDW is a complex, multifaceted problem due to the lack of standard interfaces for data discovery, access, security, governance, and ILM. Solix provides the answers to these problems through what is essentially a fully constructed and updated LDW, the Solix Common Data Platform.

Data-driven Finance: Empower’s CFO’s with business insights for agile decision making

Finance transformation is actively embracing digital transactions and going paperless with digital invoices, digital payments, and electronic documents.

Top 10 guidelines for deploying modern data architecture for the data driven enterprise

Enterprises are facing a new revolution, powered by the rapid adoption of data analytics with modern technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence (A).

GDPR essentials and how a common data platform approach can help accelerate compliance

On May 25, 2018, the European Union (EU) will bring into force the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). As GDPR deadline looms, it is high time companies build a comprehensive strategy to accelerate and sustain GDPR compliance. This whitepaper will help you do just that.

Data-driven Healthcare for Payers

Payers are being challenged as the industry shifts from volume-based care to a value-based reimbursement structure that would benefit the patient, the healthcare provider and the payer. New payment models including fee-for-service only and pay-for performance creates impetus for payers to acquire, aggregate, and analyze data.

Data-driven Healthcare for Manufacturers

Medical Device Equipment and Hospital Supplies Manufacturers also face increased pressure to comply with strict regulatory procedures to ensure patient safety. Product transparency and efficient end-to-end processes that optimize the manufacturing process and decision making are very important.

Enterprise Archiving with Apache Hadoop

Read how Solix leverages the Apache Hadoop big data platform to provide low cost, bulk data storage for Enterprise Archiving. The Solix Big Data Suite provides a unified archive for both structured and unstructured data and provides an Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) continuum to reduce costs, ensure enterprise applications are operating at peak performance and manage governance, risk and compliance.

Solix Common Data Platform: Advanced Analytics and the Data-Driven Enterprise

Enterprise data continues to grow at an accelerating rate, increasingly in unstructured or semi-structured formats. Businesses must manage all type of enterprise data as well as leverage it to become truly data-driven, but current enterprise data warehouse offerings often fail to meet these requirements.

Empowering the Data-driven Enterprise with Solix Common Data Platform

Read how Solix Common Data Platform (CDP) enables data-driven organizations to gain more value from their data because data can be visualized in more specific ways. The Solix CDP is a uniform data collection system for structured and unstructured data featuring low-cost data storage which lays the foundation for information governance, efficient infrastructure utilization and advanced analytics at petabyte scale.

Jump-Start the Enterprise Journey to the Cloud

In the pre-1880 era onsite power generation was the norm for factories. When the central power stations were built, these factories outsourced their power generation. Cloud infrastructure presents a similar opportunity for organizations wishing to outsource their IT infrastructure.

The CIO guide to Big Data Archiving

The landscape of enterprise data is changing with the advent of enterprise social data, IoT, logs and click-streams. The data is too big, moves too fast, or doesn’t fit the structures of current database architectures. As Forrester points out, “with growing data volume, increasing compliance pressure, and the evolution of Big Data, enterprise architect (EA) professionals should review their archiving strategies, leveraging new technologies and approaches.”

Solving The Data Growth Crisis: Solix Big Data Suite

Today’s Chief Information Officer operates in a perfect storm of data growth. Left unchecked data growth negatively impacts application performance, compliance goals and IT costs. Yet, this very same data is the lifeblood of today’s organizations. .

Application Retirement – Road Map for Legacy Applications

This white paper examines how a new technology can transform the way organizations access and deliver information.

Go Green to Save Green – Embracing Green Energy Practices

Green is not just media/technology hype. IT organizations can reduce their carbon footprint, reduce energy consumption and drive cost out of the data center. This paper examines the costs and strategies that can be deployed to reduce Tier 1 storage in production and reduce the overall storage and servers required for data management.

Recipe for Data Management

This white paper takes a high level look at the issues facing growing organizations and how enterprise data management, data archiving, and secure test and development solutions can ensure business performance and keep sensitive customer and company data out of the hands of unauthorized users.

Case Studies in Improving Application Performance With Solix Database Archiving Solutions – Enterprise Strategy Group, November 2007

This paper briefly examines the reasons why organization should archive data and details how one solution, Solix Technologies’ Enterprise Data Management Suite (EDMS), has helped customers improve application performance while maintaining information access.

Extending Information Security to Non-Production Environments

This paper discusses the threats that non-production environments pose to database security and provides practical advice and multiple options for ensuring data assets remain secure against unauthorized access.