Empowering Data-driven Retail with a Modern Data Management Platform

Data-driven insights give retail enterprises the edge over traditional competitors. Modern retail leaders rely heavily on consumer data for predicting consumer purchasing behavior, targeted marketing, and improving supply chain efficiencies. With the retailers embracing digital payments, IOT and online commerce, the amount of data collection is at an all-time high. This offers retailers greater opportunities to be data-driven but it is also exposing them to risk of data breaches.

What retailers need is an all-encompassing technology platform that allows for efficient data-analysis, while preserving compliance, and addressing security and privacy concerns to maintain brand loyalty, and customer trust.

The Solix Common Data Platform (Solix CDP) empowers data-driven retail with a modern data platform that helps improve the performance of critical systems, reduce IT infrastructure costs, provide a scalable data governance framework and discover untapped data-driven opportunities with advanced analytics and machine learning. Solix CDP is the foundation on which retail companies can build their future.

Solix Solutions

  • Enterprise Archiving

    Enable a single, scalable and compliant archive for all your enterprise data.

  • Enterprise Data Lake

    Realize the benefits of advanced analytics with a fully governed data lake.

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