Solix Common Data Platform
The Data-driven Enterprise

Over 30 years ago management guru Peter Drucker, in the context of evolving enterprise software platforms, coined the phrase, “you cannot manage what you cannot measure.” Nearly overnight, the era of the data-driven enterprise was born.

Companies recognizing the value to become data-driven organizations were rewarded with growth and improved earnings. Those who missed it were left behind, unable to survive in the new data-driven, competitive environment.

To become data driven and make real-time decisions, today companies must process new types of enterprise data including social, IoT, machine data, etc. Business value is located across the enterprise in all new types of data and failure to evolve into a data-driven organization brings the risk of business disruption from competitors and startups.

Solix Common Data Platform

The Solix Common Data Platform (CDP) is a uniform data collection, retention management and data access system for structured and unstructured data featuring Enterprise Archiving and Data Lake applications, low-cost infrastructure and advanced analytics. Solix CDP provides a best practice Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) control framework for data governance and secure access to all enterprise data through text search, structured query and advanced analytics.

Big data represents the next generation opportunity for data-driven organizations because business users are now able to view their data in more specific ways. Enterprise data warehouses provide a canonical, top-down view of enterprise data, which may not satisfy the function specific requirements of data-driven applications. The Solix Common Data Platform either stores data “as-is” to reduce costly ETL operations and/or transforms data to feed downstream NOSQL and analytics applications.

Apache Hadoop is an ideal common data platform because it ingests both structured and unstructured data and supports text search or structured query for data access. Running MapReduce or Spark programming models, Hadoop leverages low-cost commodity infrastructure and massive scalability to process large data sets across distributed compute nodes. Hadoop processes enterprise workloads in parallel, and stores data from any source at the lowest cost.

The Solix Common Data Platform models, ingests, and manages data into the Hadoop file system by creating an enterprise business record (EBR). An EBR is a de-normalized, point-in-time snapshot of a business transaction which may include structured or unstructured elements. EBR data is stored in a Hadoop optimized file format and is fully accessible for text search or structured query.

EBRs support both enterprise archiving and data lake use cases. For the enterprise archiving use case, older inactive data is moved from the source application to the common data platform. For the data lake use case, current data can be copied “as-is” or transformed and then copied from the source application into Hadoop.

Data Governance and Security

Mass data storage requires proper data governance and security, and the Solix Common Data Platform employs Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) to support all enterprise data throughout its lifecycle. The Solix ILM framework classifies data at creation and implements a retention policy with legal hold support for all enterprise data until deletion. To ensure data security, the Solix Common Data Platform discovers and classifies sensitive data and either masks or encrypts it based on business rules. Role-based access control is also supported for data access at the record level.

Solix Big Data Suite

The Solix Big Data Suite is an application framework for enterprise data management based on the Solix Common Data Platform. Built on a robust Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) framework and Apache Hadoop, the Solix Big Data Suite supports Enterprise Archiving, Enterprise Data Lake and analytics applications.

Using Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) retention policies and business rules, the Solix Big Data Suite safely moves less frequently accessed enterprise data from production infrastructure to Hadoop, improving the application performance of production systems, reducing infrastructure costs and enabling powerful analytics opportunities through data lakes. Universal data access is enhanced in the process through structured reporting as well as full text search.

Enterprise Archiving

Data-driven businesses depend on data, but exponential data growth can drive infrastructure costs up while diminishing the performance and availability of production systems. Application performance decays when core systems are forced to process too much data. Governance, risk and compliance concerns grow as well, since critical IT processes are often unable to scale to meet data growth challenges.

As up to 80 percent of data of production data used by core applications is inactive, data archiving has emerged as an Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) best practice to meet data growth challenges. Solix Enterprise Archiving and application retirement improves production application performance and reduces infrastructure costs. Enterprise application data running on production systems is first moved, and then purged from its source location according to ILM policies to reduce the amount of data processed by production applications and networks and improve performance.

Enterprise Data Lake

The Solix Common Data Platform based on Apache Hadoop establishes new capabilities for advanced analytics applications. Data is either transformed prior to ingestion as an application requirement or stored “as is,” eliminating the need for heavy extract, transform and load (ETL) processes during ingestion.

Using the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), the Enterprise Data Lake supports universal access to all enterprise data on a petabyte scale via text search, structured query or further processing by downstream NOSQL applications. End users gain improved data-driven results because their data is better able to be described.

Solix Common Data Platform: Advanced Analytics and the Data-Driven Enterprise

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Solix Common Data Platform

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