Solix Enterprise Data Lake
Enterprise Data Warehouse Challenges

Enterprise data warehouse (EDW) users continually seek better ways to describe data, challenging EDW platforms to deliver highly specific data views that meet end user requirements. Canonical top-down enterprise views may not satisfy requests for more specifically described data, and too often fail to meet end user expectations. At the same time data growth increases data governance risk and compliance concerns as volumes of enterprise data are stored in bulk to reduce costs.

“As is” Low Cost Bulk Storage for Enterprise Data

Solix Enterprise Data Lake reduces the complexity and processing burden to stage EDW and analytics applications, and provides highly efficient, bulk storage of enterprise data for later use when it is needed. Solix Enterprise Data Lake provides a copy of production data and stores it “as is” in bulk for later use. The simple COPY process eliminates the need for heavy extract transform load (ETL) processing during ingestion.

Once resident within the Hadoop file system (HDFS), enterprise data may be more easily distilled and better described at petabyte scale by business analytics applications such as those available from the Solix App Store.

The Solix Enterprise Data Lake employs an Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) framework to meet governance, risk and compliance objectives and ensure that best practices for data retention and classification are deployed. ILM policies and business rules may be pre-configured to meet industry standard compliance objectives such as COBIT or custom designed to meet more specific requirements.

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