Enterprise Archiving for SAP®
SAP® Business Suite – Managing Information Across The Enterprise

SAP® Business Suite relies on data spanning every sector of an organization. Reaching beyond structured data formats, SAP® S4/HANA enables enterprises to incorporate unstructured data from social networks or the Internet of Things in their business decision-making. Data continues to grow at accelerating rates, and efficient management of business information from all sources is needed to leverage SAP® Business Suite’s full capabilities. SAP HANA® is an in-memory platform built to answer this challenge, and SAP HANA VoraTM connects to big data for advanced analytics.

Solix Big Data Suite For SAP®

Archiving has emerged as a key component to an Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) best-practice model to meet data growth challenges. Solix Enterprise Archiving for SAP® provides a unified ILM framework to archive less active data, both structured and unstructured, to optimize application performance, reduce costs and achieve compliance goals. Built on Apache Hadoop, it is quick to deploy and easy to manage.

Data is archived to a Hadoop repository for easy access by users, ensuring proper data governance since data is ingested and stored based on retention management policies, with support for custom business rules. Solix Enterprise Archiving for SAP® improves application performance by reducing the amount of data that must be processed and, by automating the archive process based on business policies, IT staff is freed for other mission-critical duties.